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Important Updates Concerning Your HOA Account

Effective November 1, 2019, your HOA is moving to Veritex Bank. The account that they currently have with BB&T will be closed. There are several reasons for this change. Most importantly, Veritex Bank provides excellent customer service, and is saving the Association a large amount of money on their statement mailings.

If your HOA assessments are set up on auto payment, please update with your new account number, and the mailing address below:

PO Box 650738 Dallas, TX 75265-0738

Please notate your new account number on every payment to ensure that it is applied to the correct account. Any payment that is sent to the BB&T lockbox in Florida will be returned. Please be on the lookout for your coupon books coming in early December, which will have this information as well.

A letter has been mailed to you that has your account number and all this information in it as well.

If you are enrolled in PayLease that account has been closed also. You will need to create a new log in thru PayLease.com.

We are excited to announce we recently launched a new web portal that will enable you to log in, view and update your homeowner information, view account balances, compliance violations, and Association documents. You can access the website by typing https://caliber.cloud/CaliberWeb2_Legacy into your web browser and logging in with the following information:

When logging into the web portal for the first time, please select the “Create login” link. Within the next screen, enter your account number your primary email address. This email address will be linked to your login record.

If you are one of multiple owners associated with the account number, you must select your name from the list provided. Once a match is found, you will be emailed a link to complete the login process. The emailed link will direct you to create a username (usernames must be unique) and a password. Once saved, you will be able to log into the web portal.

We believe these changes will greatly improve your HOA experience!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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