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Pool Season Opens June 3rd!

6/3/2022 7:42:07 AM

The Pool will be open DAILY from 10am - 8pm. You will be required to sign in once you have entered the pool area.

Just so there is no confusion, here are some rules that are/will be enforced.

(2) Guests per Household allowed.

NO smoking, Vaping or E-Cigarettes allowed at any time in the pool area.

If you do not have a pool key card or it is not working, you will need to contact Michelle Dando at (214) 705-1615 Option 14 ormichelle@legacysouthwestpm.com. The monitors will not discuss anything nor is it their job. It is YOUR responsibility to contact Michelle.

NO Children under 16 yrs of age are allowed in the pool area without a parent or responsible adult 18 years or older. You can NOT drop your kids off and leave. If you do so, the children will be asked to leave the pool area. Children are not allowed to come alone. This is for the safety of the children.

NO Glass allowed in the pool area. Food can only be eaten at the tables under the patio area. This helps to avoid ants and other bugs.

NO Alcoholic Beverages allowed at any time.

There are trash cans in the pool area. Please clean your mess up before you leave.

We hope these extended hours allow more time for everyone to enjoy the summer weather. Let’s keep to the rules so we can continue to enjoy the time.

Villages of Carmel HOA

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